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What is a CRIPTAM?

CRIPTAM is a utility token that gives birth to a new market in Brazil, which is the revolutionary market of Environmental Cryptoassets.

According to Paiva Sobrinho et al (2019) “Environmental cryptoasset is a type of cryptoasset designed to encourage the adoption of actions aimed at the preservation of ecosystems and that can generate its holders monetary and/or non-monetary benefits.”

This Environmental Cryptoasset represents a set of benefits generated by private preservation areas, such as the maintenance of biodiversity, absorption of carbon gas, reduction of soil erosion, subsistence of indigenous communities that inhabit the region, among others.

These benefits are also known as ecosystem services, because they are generated by the nature protected by the owners of RPPNs – Private Natural Heritage Reserves.

the solution

What problems does CRIPTAM solve?

Lack of resources for maintenance

One of the great challenges for the preservation of private natural areas is the cost of maintaining these areas, as well as the bureaucratic mechanisms for raising funds for this purpose, which discourages the preservation activity.

Landowners in regions like the Amazon suffer from a lack of resources to ensure the preservation of their areas (sometimes very large), and end up choosing to implement economic activities, such as cattle ranching, that often lead to the destruction of nature.

In this sense, CRIPTAM makes preservation possible through resources destined to preserve private areas, thus avoiding the exploitation of economic activities that devastate the region’s natural ecosystem.

CRIPTAM brings to the owners of properties located in areas under environmental threat the conditions to execute preservation plans, because the scarcity of financial resources is overcome through collective financing, the result of the sale of the Environmental Cryptoasset.

To ensure that the forest that is the subject of CRIPTAM’s resources is preserved, the area will be transformed into a RPPN – Private Natural Heritage Reserve and its ownership transferred to a Foundation, which will manage the resources and apply them in preservation projects.

A RPPN is a Brazilian conservation unit of sustainable use, provided for in the National System of Nature Conservation Units, in which only scientific research activities and visitation for tourism, recreation and educational purposes are allowed, as set forth in a management plan.

It is worth noting that the RPPN is a conservation unit of private domain, recorded in perpetuity in the property’s registration.

This initiative, as well as bringing a more robust legal outline for the project, guarantees that economic activities cannot be carried out in the area of the project, and generates the viability of maintenance and preservation of such areas.

Safe and reliable projects

Other factors that deserve to be highlighted are the security and traceability of the resources destined to environmental initiatives, as well as the assurance that they are effectively being directed to the proposed purpose.

With CRIPTAM, security is guaranteed and the bureaucratic barrier is overcome with the possibility of secure negotiation of funds via the Internet, made possible with the creation of the Blockchain.

With the use of technology, it is possible to store contracts related to the acquisition of CRIPTAM in the Blockchain, which are digital equivalents of the environmental benefits generated by the project, guaranteeing the holder that all contracted preservation commitments will be executed.

Where is the project located?

CRIPTAM currently has two projects under execution, totaling 80,000 hectares:

Russas Project

Municipality of Cruzeiro do Sul in Acre

The property encompasses an area of 40,000 hectares of preserved land, which is already home to a project to generate carbon credits called the Russas Project, registered and certified internationally by VERRA and verified by Aster Global Environmental Solutions Inc.

There is yet another factor that makes the project of immeasurable importance: an indigenous ethnic group lives in the vicinity of the area, whose survival is threatened.

As if the deforestation in the Amazon were not enough, studies conducted by Petrobras indicate that there is potential for natural gas and oil exploration in the so-called Acre Basin.

Nine exploratory blocks have been mapped in this basin, which have already been auctioned by the National Petroleum Agency and won by Petrobras in 2013.

The project area is directly affected by the block called AC-T-22, as illustrated by the images below, taken from the National Petroleum Agency website.

It will be the target of the Russas project:

Project Riozinho

Municipality of Sena Madureira in Acre

The property encompasses an area of 40,000 hectares, of which 36,000 acres are preserved and 4,000 hectares are pastureland, which will be reforested by the project.

The property is approximately 150 kilometers from the capital of the state of Acre, Rio Branco, which is an imminent threat, since the growth of agriculture and cattle ranching in the region puts the area on high alert.

Currently, there is no environmental project implemented in the area, nor is any type of preservation action being taken.

It will be the target of the Riozinho project:


Why purchase CRIPTAM?

The advantages of acquiring CRIPTAM tokens are immeasurable. Besides the socio-environmental benefits generated concretely by the project, its holder can trade it freely, without bureaucracy, on the internet.

See some of the benefits of acquiring CRIPTAM:

Individuals, companies, institutions and governments who wish to commit and assume their environmental responsibility, by buying CRIPTAM will not only have the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions or water consumption, for example, but more importantly, they will be able to effectively contribute to the maintenance of private protected areas that generate many more benefits to humanity.

Once in possession of CRIPTAM, the holder can transfer his ownership rights of this Environmental Cryptoasset as he sees fit, without having to go through endless bureaucratic procedures.

Through CRIPTAM, the environmental market reaches a global dimension, with no limits on the sale of the property rights of this Environmental Cryptoasset, because these rights are stored in the Blockchain and can be traded over the Internet.

Appreciation events for an Environmental Cryptoasset can occur over time, from the urgency of the preservation issue, scarcity of the Cryptoasset, as well as the appreciation of the area, or even the balance established in the secondary market of supply and demand for the asset.

In addition to these natural market events that are beyond the scope of the project, CRIPTAM-R foresees 3 major movements with potential asset appreciation as a result of the solidification of the preservation project.

  1. The first major appreciation event will occur after the sale of 25% of the CRIPTAM-R placed on the market, with the release of 240,000 Carbon Credits generated in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019, which will be submitted for registration and market release in the form of carbon tokens.
  2. The transformation into a RPPN will be the second major appreciation event and will occur after the sale of 50% of the CRIPTAM-R released to the market. This movement will prevent any Oil & Gas exploration or any other activity with the potential to destroy the reserve.
  3. The third major movement with potential appreciation of this environmental cryptoasset is the allocation of 50% of all value raised to social and preservation projects, such as: 
    1. – Maintenance of the forest and its biodiversity;
    2. – Combating wildfires;
    3. – Construction and maintenance of schools;
    4. – Construction and maintenance of health posts;
    5. – Maintenance of churches;
    6. – Implementation of renewable energy projects (biogas);
    7. – Implementation of renewable energy projects (photovoltaic);
    8. – Implementation of improved sanitation projects;
    9. – Projects for the preservation of the indigenous cultures of the ethnic groups in the region.

What is CRIPTAM'S quote?

The launch price of CRIPTAM will be €35.00.


After launch, the cryptoassets buyers will have discretion in setting the price in order to best meet market conditions.

How to buy CRIPTAM'S?

CRIPTAM can be purchased through the button:

Launch on 22/04/2021 – World Day of Planet Earth.

Want to know more about CRIPTAM'S?

CRIPTAM'S in the media

People involved in the project

Alessandro Callil

Lawyer active in Environmental and Corporate Law since 2009, especially dedicated to the corporate organization of foundations and companies of sustainable agriculture and preservation of biodiversity in the Amazon.

He is one of the founders of the CRIPTAM project, with the function of corporate structuring, governance and compliance, as well as contractual relations between project stakeholders.

Fernando Lopes

Lawyer, founding partner of the Brazilian Institute of Economic Criminal Law.

IoT and Blockchain Developer co-author of the book “Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts: the revolution of digital assets”, and author of the books “Law and Innovation volumes 3 and 4” and the “Political and Economic Legal Foundations of the first Indigenous Transcultural World Cryptocurrency”.

Developer of OYX, the world’s first indigenous cryptocurrency.

One of the creators of CRIPTAM, he serves as the leader of the blockchain development team.

His professional experience allows him to act in the regulatory interface of the project.

Espartano da Fonseca

PhD in Architecture and Urbanism, he was Director of Programs in the Department of Energy and Environment at the University of Paris. He was Municipal Secretary of Environment of São José dos Pinhais / PR.

Worked in the Coordination, elaboration and development of Architecture and Urbanism Projects for the execution of Urban Poles of Sustainable Development in Central America countries.

One of the supporters of CRIPTAM, his professional experience allows him to act in the implementation of renewable energy projects and in the elaboration of solutions for bioclimatic architecture and sustainability.

Gustavo Galleazzo

Business administrator, working in activities related to sustainability and the environment since 2000, with carbon credit projects, implementation of cooperatives and foundations with activities aimed at the development of sustainable agriculture.

He was one of the founders of MAE – Ecological Action Movement in the State of Paraná in 1987.

As manager of Trixx, he works on projects of human evolution and ecological and social sustainability in quilombos and agrarian reform settlements in partnership with the Universidade Federal Fluminense.

He is one of the creators of the CRIPTAM project with the function of governance and compliance.

It will be active in the development of the Foundation, which will be based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and on the indicators of the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE B3), among others. His professional experience allows him to also act in the management of internal processes supporting the Investor Relations, Legal and Commercialization group of the crypto.

Marcos Mesquita

Market professional working in the sale of ecological products, mainly in the oil and gas chain, providing natural hydrocarbon absorber, in the recovery of areas degraded by oil spills.

At Trixx, he participates in sustainable development processes for clients.

One of the founders of CRIPTAM with the role of advisor with responsibilities for forest environments and project stakeholders.

His professional experience allows him to act in the presentation of benefits to the market and governments that are guided by sustainability and economic development.

Valdemiro Kreusch Jr.

Advertiser, MBA in Marketing, has been working in the field of bioenergy since 2012, especially focused on the production of biogas and biomethane.

Representative of German bioenergy technologies and co-founder of ABIOGAS – Brazilian Association of Biogas and Biomethane.

Developed biogas projects across Brazil for family farming associations and cooperatives.

He is one of the creators of the CRIPTAM project, with the function of general management of the project and articulation of new preservation areas.

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